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I am aware that not everyone who passes through the 'doors' of the Wisdom of Wicca site will be a Wiccan or interested in becoming one. It is the mission of these pages, however, to provide subjective and uncomplicated facts and information for anyone of any age, creed, colour, religion or shoe size who is interested - after all, thats what the internet is all about!
Please use the simple response form available from the main site index to send your opinions or suggestions. The more constructive and complete your feedback, the better I can make the site. I hope that you will want to come back in the future - being bookmarked is the greatest accolade for any web page designer! In addition to the response form, there is a message board for all visitors to leave notes about any aspect of their spirituality. Please add a message before you leave. The board can also be found via the feedback section.
You can download a self-expanding archive of this entire site for use offline. It is approximately 159 Kb. Please respect the copyright of the material contained within this site.
Finally, my introduction to Wicca was via the internet, and many of the sites I found were both brimming over with useful and balanced information and adorned with wonderful illustrations and graphics. Some of these sites are included in my links page, and many more can be found via the Webring section. My mission for this site was to create pages that conveyed the magick and 'specialness' of Wicca in the same way as those I first visited.

Thank you for coming to my site,

Yule Zephyr

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